Charge Up!

Charge up is the teen and young people's next step from Relax Kids. Specifically designed with young people in mind.  

These sessions can help young people understand and manage their mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Giving them mindful tools to help self regulate. 

Sessions can help: 

*Improve mental health and wellbeing

*Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

*Improve sleep

*Increase self awareness and empathy

*Improve learning and performance

Increase attention, focus and concentration

*Improve self esteem and confidence

*Improve resilience and assertiveness

*Improve body confidence

Charge UP covers a wide range of topics from self awareness, body positivity, sleep, to consent and boundaries and stress management.

I run Charge Up in schools, the community and private 1:1 sessions in the home. 

To find out more please email me.