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Cindy is one of the most gentle, kind, professional, knowledgeable and inspirational souls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! I’m so grateful to her for the coaching support she gave me to help find my path✨ 

I cannot recommend her highly enough and regularly do. The best investment you can ever make is in yourself.. do it! Thank you Cindy 😘  

Angela, March 2019

"I absolutely love Cindy, she's not allowed to leave my side!......." Lyndsey, April 2017 

It's the little things in life that make so much difference...…………………….

i'm so thankful to Cindy for giving me the tools to help me parent the best I can. My children have also learnt a lot from advice and groups that Cindy organises. From dealing with day to day emotions at home and school my children have been given tools to just make their lives that little bit easier.  

For help with wellness, mindfulness and relaxation for my children I would highly recommend Cindy.     Louise,  Dec 2019

"Very approachable and knowledgeable in parent coaching.........." Ashley, April 2017 

"...............Cindy supported us to find new strategies for one of my boys to ensure that his leaning experiences at school and at home is positive and to make the most of the opportunities on offer........"  Dorit, September 2017 

Cindy has been a fantastic help to us this year - she is a fantastic listener, really empathetic and also incredibly practical - always ready with solutions and keen to problem solve with us. I love that she obviously really cares about her work and genuinely seems to celebrate the wins as much as we do. Thank you so much Cindy for all you’ve given us.

Liz, January 2019

"Cindy is Incredible, i met her when i was at the end of my tether. She has supported me wonderfully and given me so many tools to decrease my stress, focus on whats important and get back on track................"            Jesamine, April 2017

Cindy has been like a shiny light at the end of a very dark tunnel. She had given my daughter a space to feel safe and calm...………………..  Sarah 2018 

"I cannnot recommend Cindy enough    5*s all the way!

Always friendly and comes with a toolkit full of practical advice  (which  not only is easy to follow but also actually works!!)........ " Di, July 2017 

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