Coronavirus - COVID 19


23th March  2020 Update: 


As a mum, wife, daughter and someone who is self employed but has also had to self isolate and shield due to my own health I truly know how challenging the coming weeks and months are going to be for many of us mentally, physically and financially.

The only constructive way I feel I can support families is by offering to help take the pressure off parents by providing 40 minute virtual Relax Kids and Chill Skills (teen) sessions for their children and young people.  Giving your child the opportunity to have access to a dose of wellbeing and relaxation.

I have completely slashed prices during this period of challenge and change so ALL families can access my sessions. Asking for a minimum payment of £1.50 a family per session. No geographical boundaries at all, this is open to all families in the UK. 

Schools I currently teach in, who are open for key worker and vulnerable children have been given FREE access to my sessions. If you are a local school in and around the New Forest  please do contact me if you also would like free spaces while the children are in your care. 

29th March update: 


Over the past 9 weeks I have provided 56 sessions (28 per age group under 10's/10-teens) to support children and young peoples wellbeing throughout this challenging time. I have also provided private sessions in this time too to meet the needs of the individual family/child.


Moving forward I will continue to run all sessions via zoom and offer FREE spaces to individual children identified by schools I am working with.

I will continue to offer reduced priced sessions per family, however increased to £4.50 per session.

My usual prices are per child and are more than the price advertised, however as a mum myself and a wellbeing and parent practitioner I appreciate money is tight and emotions are often high for many families currenlty and I want to allow as many children as possible to access my sessions so that they are equipped with tools to manage difficult emotions, and help them feel more confident and calm.  

Sessions Available from the 1st June: 

'Back to Calm' - Relax Kids 4 week courses (under 12 years old)  for children accessing school during this covid19 time. 


Relax Kids Under 10's - these sessions will continue twice a week

Charge Up 10-Teens - twice weekly sessions for teenagers to learn wellbeing and relaxation skills. 


Adult Wellness sessions 

For up to date information and bookings please go to Relax Kids New Forest Facebook Page.

Wellbeing and Parent coaching as well as Go Zen sessions are still available to book via zoom too. 

Stay safe and look after your lovely families and your own mental and physical health too during these challenging weeks ahead. 


Warmest wishes









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