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People have increasingly asked me over the years, and even more so in the past year, how I stay so positive?

So today I want to share a bit of what helps me tick and stay well.

I am only human, I like most people have good and bad days. I have had my highs and lows, don't get me wrong, especially over this past year. However I aim to be positive daily no matter how rubbish my day appears to be. I simply practice gratitude to support my wellbeing and outlook on life.

It's normal to get bogged down with life. Sometimes you find you can't think or say anything remotely positive. In modern society we crave the big luxurious things and want to keep up with the Jones's, we moan because we can and it sadly becomes habitual.

But this often becomes destructive to you and your loved ones mental health. You can end up in a downward spiral of negativity, this is expressed in your body language, actions and use of words which then spills into the way you parent, choose friendships and conduct your life.

Remember our words shape our actions and our mindset.

I have always practiced gratitude. I've used this simple practice to varying degrees and depending on my priorities in life.

I believe many people don't fully understand or appreciate how gratitude can change their life and help to alter their perception for the better.

Yes initially you feel somewhat daft saying these things, however over time it just becomes natural.

I know it's benefits and how it has helped me throughout my life.

The benefits of practicing gratitude are huge; for me it is to help ground myself, live in the present and show true appreciation for the small and simple things that you often take for granted.

This has a very powerful effect on your happiness especially when you are feeling despondent and not really enjoying life.

I love research and I was pleased by the amount of research that has been conducted on the subject of gratitude.

Studies show that gratitude not only makes you feel happier and more satisfied with life, it can also reduce anxiety and depression. It also shows evidence to suggest it can boost your immunity, support positive relationship, improves your sleep, reduce emotional exhaustion and lower blood pressure.

I believe taking just 2 minutes out of your day to practice gratitude enhances your wellbeing and makes you appreciative for what you actually have. You can also learn to channel this positive energy into future plans and opportunities too.

There are so many different way that you can practice gratitude. As a mum, some days my gratitude's can simply look like this for me!

*I am grateful that I kept my cool with ........ before school today!

*I am grateful there is wine in the house!!

Other days its more like this:

*I am grateful we live in a safe and cosy home

*I am grateful for sun on my face to help me feel energised

*I am grateful I have freedom and choices in my life

*I am grateful I have healthy, happy children.

This is a way of life, over time it has become ingrained in who I am and has now become a habitual practice. You'll see on my Instagram account I will often hashtag #thesimplethingsinlife as part of my daily gratitude's.

As Roald Dahl famously said:

Go on, give it a go, remember it only takes 2 minutes and it can support your enormously in so many positive ways.

Cindy the Barefoot Coach x

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