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Baby Barefoot 

Courses in the comfort of your own home

Barefoot Bonding


Private 1:1 Baby Massage or get a group of friends (3/4) together for a                                                                            discounted course in the comfort of your own home.  

Every parent receives the Barefoot Massage Guide and every baby receives                                                              their own certificate of achievement.  

Evidence has shown numerous benefits of Baby Massage.                                                                                                 Here are a few of them:

  • Enhance the bonding process and help alleviate sleep problems

  • Reduce colic and enables the digestive system to adjust more fully

  • It's fun and can be used as part of your daily routine

  • Develops communication between parent and baby

  • Offers a time for both parent and baby to relax and be 100% present with                                                                one another

  • Strengthens baby's immune system and provides vital stimulation for the developing neurological system

  • Improves the circulatory system which helps the blood to re-oxygenate

  • Helps to develop baby's muscle tone and enables them to feel stable and strong, settling within their own bodies


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