Please join me by clicking on the buttons attached to this link to see what journey you might decide to go on with Barefoot Wellbeing and Parent Coaching. 

Under my umbrella of Barefoot Wellbeing and Parent Coaching I am excited to have decided to extend my age range and offer Relax Kids, Go Zen and ChargeUp! Coaching Sessions. 

I am licenced to teach all services for children and teenagers. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I work to provide bespoke packages for all children and teens as a Wellbeing Coach. 

I work within schools as part of their curriculum offering wellbeing support for all children. I also offer after school sessions in some schools and community groups too.

Parents, foster carers, residential children's homes and other services can also book me for bespoke 1:1 family or child/teen sessions, sometimes combining parent coaching into the mix too.

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